About Us

To know what we are all about at Ohio Max Snacks LLC, read a few words from our founder, Jalin. 

"I've seen so many pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok selling exotic snacks. I look at the prices and think "holy shit" that's just way too high for a pack of skittles and a cream soda from Japan. 

I wanted to give people who usually cant afford this, a chance to try these items at a low price. I would have KILLED for stuff like this when I was younger. Even in my adult years I bought similar items and nearly had to take out a loan from Chase Bank. 

The bottom line is this: We provide snacks from all over the world like Korea, Japan, Indonesia and so many other places. We want to give people the option to buy things at an affordable price. We have items ranging from less than $4 all the way to $13 for individual items. Yes, they are slightly above average price, but they are much better than our competitors (please go look if you do not believe us!). These prices are roughly 26-44% lower than our competitors.

We want you to experience different flavors that you cannot find at your local supermarket. Our goal is to give you an experience so impactful that you one day visit these places. 

If you don't like what you purchased, that's okay! At least you tried it. 

Our promise to you is to never raise our prices to the extreme and to always to be affordable. We are not a business without our customers. You guys make us successful and we are here for you and your snacking needs."



Production Date Reads 09/04/2022

Shelf Life is 12 months so this product would not expire until 09/04/2023